Mini-Series 1.3. Sphinx: The Intelligent Monster

What do you get when you put together a powerful woman, an ancient empire, and scared men? The Sphinx! And this isn’t a riddle, I promise (ha, get it? Wait, no? Better listen to the episode!). Join us this week to talk about the origins of the Sphinx and talk about this mythical creature acrossContinue reading “Mini-Series 1.3. Sphinx: The Intelligent Monster”

Mini-Series 1.2. Lilith: Of the Same Earth

Maybe you’ve heard of the story of Adam and Eve, but have you heard of the story of Lilith? If Eve was created from Adam’s rib, Lilith was created as Adam’s equal, from the soil of the earth. But from the moment of her conception, she forged her own path and has been branded asContinue reading “Mini-Series 1.2. Lilith: Of the Same Earth”

Mini-Series 1.1. Pandora: Our Last Hope

In the beginning… life was apparently perfect. Until men made the Gods upset and they sent down their greatest fear. Women. Well, one woman in particular. Join us in this episode to learn the ancient Greek story of Pandora, the first woman and bringer of all gifts. But what does this story mean when youContinue reading “Mini-Series 1.1. Pandora: Our Last Hope”