episode 5. Birth Control: The Seventh Wonder

Part 1:  Before modern medicine, what lengths would you resort to in an attempt to not get pregnant? Well men and women throughout history pushed the limits on what qualified as birth control. In Part 1 of this episode we laugh and joke as we learn the methods of birth control used by people acrossContinue reading “episode 5. Birth Control: The Seventh Wonder”

episode 4. Anarcha, Betsey and Lucy: Remember Their Names

Human experimentation has had a long, dark history in the practice of medicine, with people of color being the subjects far too often. This week, we discuss the lives of Anarcha, Betsey and Lucy, three of the ten enslaved Black women subjected to the gynecological experiments of Dr. J. Marion Sims, an Antebellum physician. LearnContinue reading “episode 4. Anarcha, Betsey and Lucy: Remember Their Names”

episode 2. Elizabeth Blackwell: Wait, THAT woman is a doctor?

Do YOU know how the first woman got into med school? Was it because of her brains? Looks? Luck? You can find out in our first biography episode, a deep dive into the life and times of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female to graduate from medical school in the United States. But this biography doesn’tContinue reading “episode 2. Elizabeth Blackwell: Wait, THAT woman is a doctor?”