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Mini Series 1.3 Sphinx: The Intelligent Monster From Skirts To Scrubs

What do you get when you put together a powerful woman, an ancient empire, and scared men? The Sphinx! And this isn’t a riddle, I promise (ha, get it? Wait, no? Better listen to the episode!). Join us this week to talk about the origins of the Sphinx and talk about this mythical creature across time, as well as her interaction with the famed Oedipus Rex. Afterward, we talk about the demonization of intelligent & successful women and the knowledge that women hold.
  1. Mini Series 1.3 Sphinx: The Intelligent Monster
  2. Mini Series 1.2 Lilith: Of the Same Earth
  3. Mini Series 1.1 Pandora: Our Last Hope
  4. Mini Series Trailer: Women as Monsters
  5. Bonus Ep 3. Exploring Passions, Feminism, & Mindsets with Cultivating Connection
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