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Ep. 20 The Hands of a Woman: Surgery Spotlight From Skirts To Scrubs

In today’s medical schools, half of the students are female. In surgical residencies, one-fourth of the residents are female. Of those female surgical residents, one-fourth of them will drop out from burnout. Women pursuing surgery today are faced with numerous challenges and obstacles, but yet they persist. And it was no different for the millennia of surgeons before them. From Agnodice fighting for her right to practice in Athens to Loyse Bourgeois becoming one of the best surgeons in the 17th century France to laws all but banning women from the profession, female surgeons have jumped right, left, over, and under obstacles for as long as they have served in the profession. Join us in this episode on women in surgery to learn about some of the influential women in the history of the profession and how they carried on, even when everyone was telling them not to. Then discuss with us the different disparities women face today in the profession and how our very own Alesha feels about potentially joining the specialty one day! Check out our Feminist Corner questions below to spark some thoughts as you listen! * Did you notice a trend of what types of surgeons women were throughout history? Why do you think of this? Does this relate to typical female surgeons today? (Hint: There were 2 main types) * What does this story tell us about mentorship and how does it apply to your journey in medicine (or whatever other profession pertains to you)?
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