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Ep. 38 The Next Defense: History of Medication Abortion From Skirts To Scrubs

When we think of abortions today, we often think about surgical abortions when in fact, medication abortions have been commonplace for millenia. With the decision made in Dobbs v. Jackson, medication abortions in the United States are now at risk as legislators come for this next line of defense against unwanted pregnancies. In this episode, we explore how medical abortions work, their history and the state of access to them now. Then we look into where we’re heading with laws in various states regarding medication abortion and what folx on the ground are doing to maintain their right to choose. Join us for this can’t miss episode! Check out our Feminist Corner discussion questions after listening and send us your thoughts! What, if any, experience do you have with abortion pills? Have you had any conversations about abortion and how did they go? What is one question you have about abortion access that you want to know the answer to? Join the From Skirts To Scrubs community and meet us at the intersection of feminism, medicine, and history!Follow us on socials:Instagram: @fromskirtstoscrubs Facebook: @fromskirtstoscrubs Twitter: @FTST_Podcast
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