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Ep. 30 Hysteria, (n.): Uterus (from Greek Hysterikos) From Skirts To Scrubs

Hyper-promiscuity, mood swings, nausea, anxiety, drowsiness, loss of appetite, aging, back pain. Those are some symptoms of hysteria to name a few. Hysteria is a word that is thrown around a lot from “Oh that was a hysterical joke” to  “that woman is hysterical don't listen to her” and even “the new album is causing mass hysteria.” But what even is hysteria? Well, in history it has meant a lot of things to many different people. Throughout time as the definition changed and each time it meant something new, hysteria’s power over women grew too. Now as we contemplate what hysteria even is, it feels like it has everything to do with women’s health and nothing at all. Join us in this episode to discuss the many different sides of hysteria throughout history as we try to answer the one simple questions: what is hysteria? Feminist Corner Questions: The definition of a single word changed the course of women's health throughout history, what does this say about the language we use today to describe patients, people, diseases, etc. What was your favorite part/thing you learned in/of season 2!?
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