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Ep. 44 Deep in our Bones: History of the Gender Pain Gap From Skirts To Scrubs

“Sticks and stones may break my bones…” but thinking about women’s pain is easier said than done, it seems. The gender pain gap is the idea that women in pain are taken and treated less seriously than men in pain. Though this concept has been coming up more in the news, social media and more, it is less acknowledged than other gender gaps. In this episode, we explore the history of the gender pain gap, exploring some familiar and some new concepts, as well as discuss the negative impact that this gap has on women of color, particularly Black women. Join us for this final episode of the season as we unpack women’s pain, its longstanding history, and the contradictions women face around it. Feminist Corner: What has been your experience with pain? How would you describe your pain tolerance and what specifically about how we socially construct pain makes you say that?What are 2 tangible things you are going to do from here to better check yourself when addressing women’s pain?Join the From Skirts To Scrubs community and meet us at the intersection of feminism, medicine, and history!Follow us on socials:Instagram: @fromskirtstoscrubs Facebook: @fromskirtstoscrubs Twitter: @FSTS_Podcast
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