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Ep. 29 Undesirable: The History of Forced Sterilization in the US From Skirts To Scrubs

Tying tubes, hysterectomies, withholding medical care without proof of contraception use…these are just a few ways that forced sterilization has occurred in the United States. The history of forced sterilization is sewn into the fabric of US history, and has played an insidious role in this country. This episode, we learn about the eugenics movement, its impact on communities of color and how these issues continue to manifest today. Then join us in our Feminist Corner as we discuss forced sterilization in the context of abortion bans and how healthcare providers play a key role in protecting patients from experiencing this blatant violation of human and reproductive rights. Check out our Feminist Corner discussion questions after listening and send us your thoughts! What roles do healthcare providers have when it comes to contraception options and the ethics around them? The decision in Texas around their recent refusal by the Supreme Court to block the state’s ban on most abortions is devastating for reproductive rights, how can this abortion ban and forced sterilization even exist together and what factors contribute to them (similarities and difference)? What have we failed to take away from history to allow them to be practiced?
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