ep. 43 Disability History: A Tale of Contradictions

Disability is part of our culture, our families, our friends, and our history. Living in a society that is built for able-bodied people doesn’t allow for much education and awareness around disability within the United States. But disability can be tracked through history all the way back to ancient times. And throughout the last twoContinue reading “ep. 43 Disability History: A Tale of Contradictions”

ep. 42 The Birds and The Bees: Sexual Education Through the Ages

There’s a conversation everyone has at some point, about the birds and the bees. Think back to the first time you had that talk. Maybe it was with a parent, maybe a friend, maybe someone else. Maybe it was sex ed class. That’s what this episode dives into.  We go back in time to lookContinue reading “ep. 42 The Birds and The Bees: Sexual Education Through the Ages”

ep. 40 Mothering the Mother: The History of Doula Care

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Do. Do-who? DOULA (this is why we’re podcast hosts and not comedians). This week we’re discussing the origins of doula care. Best known for their growing role in providing laboring mothers during childbirth, doulas have been around for decades in an official capacity and even longer in an unofficial one. Closely intertwinedContinue reading “ep. 40 Mothering the Mother: The History of Doula Care

ep. 39 American Civil War Medicine: A Woman’s Battlefield

Throughout history, times of war bring change to medicine. It’s a hard truth, but it is the truth. And in American history, no war was more brutal than the Civil War. Of the thousands of people who died during this four-year war, ⅔ died from the disease. The conditions of the war gave an opportunityContinue reading “ep. 39 American Civil War Medicine: A Woman’s Battlefield”

ep. 38 The Next Defense: History of Medication Abortion

When we think of abortions today, we often think about surgical abortions when in fact, medication abortions have been commonplace for millenia. With the decision made in Dobbs v. Jackson, medication abortions in the United States are now at risk as legislators come for this next line of defense against unwanted pregnancies. In this episode,Continue reading “ep. 38 The Next Defense: History of Medication Abortion”

ep.37 Can’t Be Tamed: The Wandering Womb

Here we are, at the root of it all. The piece of history that has defined women’s health for millennia. The wandering womb is a theory that can be traced back to the ancient Mediterranean, where it was believed and practiced. And while this story is fun and laughable at times, our history truly doesContinue reading “ep.37 Can’t Be Tamed: The Wandering Womb”

Mini-Series 1.6. La Llorona: The Wandering Soul

If you listen carefully on a quiet night, you may hear cries of a weeping woman calling for her lost children. Maybe you tell the children in your life that if they misbehave, she’ll come for you. That’s right! In this episode, we tell the story of La Llorona, a woman from Mexican folklore whoContinue reading “Mini-Series 1.6. La Llorona: The Wandering Soul”

Mini-Series 1.5. Yaba Uma: Not a Monster At All

What constitutes a monster? Is it your looks, your action, your very being? What if you are forced into a situation that makes you a monster, what then? Japanese folklore is full of stories of women as monsters, but this week we are focusing on one woman who isn’t a monster at all. Join usContinue reading “Mini-Series 1.5. Yaba Uma: Not a Monster At All”

Mini-Series 1.4. Surpanakha: Between Lust and Loneliness

Have you ever heard of the great Hindu Epic, the Ramayana? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. But chances are, you probably don’t know of the seductress Surpanakha, sister of the King of Demons? Join us this episode as we forge into the forests of Ayodhya as we follow the story of Surpanakha, a demonContinue reading “Mini-Series 1.4. Surpanakha: Between Lust and Loneliness”

Mini-Series 1.3. Sphinx: The Intelligent Monster

What do you get when you put together a powerful woman, an ancient empire, and scared men? The Sphinx! And this isn’t a riddle, I promise (ha, get it? Wait, no? Better listen to the episode!). Join us this week to talk about the origins of the Sphinx and talk about this mythical creature acrossContinue reading “Mini-Series 1.3. Sphinx: The Intelligent Monster”