Mini-Series 1.6. La Llorona: The Wandering Soul

If you listen carefully on a quiet night, you may hear cries of a weeping woman calling for her lost children. Maybe you tell the children in your life that if they misbehave, she’ll come for you. That’s right! In this episode, we tell the story of La Llorona, a woman from Mexican folklore who was wronged by her husband and transformed into the darkest version of herself. Some may say she was a monster. Join us as we recount La Llorona’s origin story and discuss its implications from a feminist/Chicanx perspective. What better way to end our first mini series!

Feminist Corner:

Listen to the episode, discuss your thoughts with friends and family, let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

These episodes are too short for show notes because it would give away the whole story! Check back in for show notes on our full length episodes.


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