Mini-Series 1.4. Surpanakha: Between Lust and Loneliness

Have you ever heard of the great Hindu Epic, the Ramayana? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. But chances are, you probably don’t know of the seductress Surpanakha, sister of the King of Demons? Join us this episode as we forge into the forests of Ayodhya as we follow the story of Surpanakha, a demon woman whose actions ultimately lead to a kidnapping and major war between two kingdoms. Then listen in on our discussion as we re-envision the story from multiple perspectives, examining the roles of multiple characters and untangling the feelings and motives of a lonely woman.

Feminist Corner:

Listen to the episode, discuss your thoughts with friends and family, let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

These episodes are too short for show notes because it would give away the whole story! Check back in for show notes on our full length episodes.


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