episode 33. Nutrition: Tree-eaters v. Meat-eaters: & Everyone in Between

There is nothing quite like a delicious breakfast to start your day, or snack to hold you over, or dinner to put you to bed. Right? But as you eat your tasty food, do you ever think about what exactly is in it? Or what it does to your health? Join us in this episodeContinue reading “episode 33. Nutrition: Tree-eaters v. Meat-eaters: & Everyone in Between”

episode 32. Internal Medicine: The Tell All

Tying tubes, nonconsensual hysterectomies, withholding medical care without contraception use…these are just a few ways that forced sterilization has occurred in the United States. The history of forced sterilization is sewn into the fabric of US history, and has played an insidious role in this country. This episode, we learn about the eugenics movement, itsContinue reading “episode 32. Internal Medicine: The Tell All”

episode 31. Witches: Society’s Scapegoat

When you think of witches, what comes to mind? If I had to guess I’d say you thought of halloween, potions, broomsticks, and big pointy hats. But the witches in this episode didn’t wear pointy hats, at least I don’t think so. They are your mom, your elderly neighbor, your best friend. Join us inContinue reading “episode 31. Witches: Society’s Scapegoat”