episode 9. The Mastectomy: Reclaim your power

The symbol of the breast is well known throughout society. Breasts symbolize sexuality, motherhood, femininity, and more. But what do breasts mean to women who lose them? In this episode, we explore the history of the surgical procedure of breast removal, the mastectomy, in the context of breast cancer. After discussing how this procedure cameContinue reading “episode 9. The Mastectomy: Reclaim your power”

episode 8. Flibanserin: Viagra’s less popular little sister

Chances are you’ve probably heard of the “ little blue pill” that gives men erections almost like magic. But have you ever heard of Flibanserin? This “female Viagra” is the topic of this week’s episode, where we talk a little science and biology but of course get into some history, learning about Erectile Dysfunction, FemaleContinue reading “episode 8. Flibanserin: Viagra’s less popular little sister”

episode 7. Henrietta and HeLa: One in the Same

Have you ever had someone take something from you without asking? Bet it was pretty annoying huh? Now, have you ever had anyone take cells from your cervix without your consent? Probably not. But Henrietta Lacks has. In 1951, Henrietta was diagnosed with cervical cancer and her cells were taken without consent to create theContinue reading “episode 7. Henrietta and HeLa: One in the Same”

episode 6. Women as Medical Students: Time for a Takeover

Think about the first time you heard about a woman being a doctor? Maybe you were 4 years old and your doctor mom came home with a stethoscope around her neck or maybe you were 12 and heard about your brother’s best friend’s sister getting into medical school. Regardless, women in your life and aroundContinue reading “episode 6. Women as Medical Students: Time for a Takeover”